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What is PR and why start now?

Delivering an ROI on PR, Social Media and Events

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According to Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, if he was down to his last dollar, he “would spend it on PR”, but why would he do this? What makes Public Relations or ‘PR’ such a great addition to a business budget?

Putting it succinctly, Public Relations (PR) is a form of marketing and advertising that manages your reputation. As reported by Forbes, PR is said to be 90% more effective than advertising as PR provides credibility that advertising cannot match. Taking a more personal approach, with real people providing real solutions that the business can provide, makes the solution much more trustworthy.

So what is PR?

According to the PRCA, the world’s largest PR professional body, Public Relations is all about the way organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves and build a positive reputation and image.

Careful promotion of your business brand, service or product, across all areas of the media is PR in action. The difference between PR and advertising is that not only is there added value to promoting yourself with content, but you can engage the reader far more quickly in the brand cycle – where you create feelings for your customers and potential customers associated with your brand and therefore more brand loyalty.

Brand or personal reputation can be built in several ways;

  • Executive speeches
  • User reviews
  • Bylined content
  • Mentions/quotes in articles
  • TV/Radio coverage
  • Earned Media
  • Influence

Earned Media

Public relations is media representation that you earn and don’t pay for. Earned media is the publicity gained through promotional efforts and in the digital world easily translates to social media marketing across all channels.  What is good about this, is it provides a great link into boosting your SEO when it is done correctly. This means, that when you form a content marketing plan, remember this. Google now records mentions as implied links and therefore uses this to boost websites up the page.  Also, it should not be forgotten that the digital world is pretty infinite at the moment. In this way, content created now can be referred to in years to come – All helping you keep your brand alive, influencing others’ perception.

Why Start Now?

You probably have a better opportunity to start a ‘free’ PR campaign now than you have EVER had before – You just need to invest some time. Social Media use has increased all around the world and you can reach people in countries that you may have only dreamed of operating in before. What’s more, is that it still costs nothing to start on social media to start getting the word about you and your business out there.

Just remember, the key to good content – whether on social media, digital or print media – is to keep it what we call ‘evergreen’. New content. Well written, with a specific message to deliver to your specific audience and post it across your channels. Or if video is your thing, use this instead. Either way,  IRISA COMMUNICATIONS find something informative, that people can learn from works very well. It keeps them coming back for more – which ultimately is what you want!

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