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7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important to Business

Delivering an ROI on PR, Social Media and Events

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great way to market your business, engage an audience and develop your brand at the lowest possible cost. But why is it so important for business? What can social media provide that other forms of marketing and advertising don’t?

According to Hubspot, around the world, over 53% of the global population has access to the internet. This is 4,021 billion people. Of these, 3,196 billion actively use social media. This is a whopping 3,196 billion potential clients that you can reach. But how?

Increased Brand Awareness

Knowing your target audience is key for any business to grow. Social media (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok) marketing can not only put your brand in front of your target audience, but you can narrow your content to focus on each demographic that you know are likely to purchase your product/service. 

Increase Website Traffic

By linking your website to posts, you can increase hits to your site. This will increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking, pushing you higher up on the tables of search engines. This means that you will be one step closer to appear on the digital high street that is page 1 of a search engine. In turn, this will assist any digital marketing campaigns that you may look to implement across other channels.

If you create blogs, and link business activity in social media sites to your website, not only do you create covetable backlinks that SEO spiders look for when ranking sites, but your visibility will increase in the digital world.

Low-Cost Marketing

It literally costs nothing to set up social media profiles, pages, and communities on the platforms you want to use. The investment is in your time to do this and keep them up to date. To see a return on this investment, you need to be active on the pages and updating them regularly.

Any advertising campaigns that you may wish to make can be relatively low-cost too depending on which platforms you want to advertise on.


Social media is the digital world’s word-of-mouth. It enables your clients to sell your business for you, talk directly to them at all times and engage let them know about your new services/products. One client, a sports academy has grown their business 300% through social media, as players parents have posted how much their children have not only enjoyed the course but developed.

Sales Tool

Social media is a great way of increasing sales. Not does the academy now has a waitlist for their courses, but the video content that we are producing is now being regularly watched by an average of 3,600 people – This is great engagement for a brand that only started in January.

Develops Customer Service and Loyalty

We have found social media a great tool for our clients. Using the academy as an example, we have continued to engage with players through the crisis by offering players video content training programs that they can do at home. During the COVID closure, despite their offering a freeze on payments, 50% of parents asked to continue the payments, in a poll with 100% parents confirming that their children would return as soon as the academy reopened. 

Social media marketing, done correctly, with the customer in mind at all times, is a highly powerful tool, that can quickly elevate your brand. And, it is a low-cost way of getting the word out there. Don’t be afraid… set out beyond the parapet and start shouting about your brand from the rooftops!

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